Day 3 – 第3回


I was also fortunate enough to participate in the World Student Disarmament Meeting at the Conference on Disarmament Issues. The session featured 8 participants who came from different backgrounds. It was an amazing experience to sit up there and openly express our opinions on disarmament issues while recognizing how different upbringings influenced our perceptions of these issues. The ability to hear the response of the distinguished experts and observers to our presentation was an extra element that made the experience all the more valuable.

The first of the three themes covered in the special session related to disarmament education and our thoughts on these issues. The finer details of disarmament remain relatively new to us, though the concept of peace is not. We cannot overstate our desire for world peace, and recognizing that these two issues are intertwined makes disarmament education all the more important to us. The second theme addressed the many elements that we perceive as requisite to one day achieving world peace. After exchanging opinions on the matter, I believe trust and mutual understanding are the most important elements of peace. The last theme was devoted to expressing our thoughts on how religious beliefs and upbringing can be utilized to achieve world peace. I believe that a combination of religion, understanding and tolerance can foster world peace. Embracing these values can also affect ones thinking on the role of disarmament as a vehicle to one day achieving world peace.

Finally, I want to talk about my favorite phrase in the presentations. It is: “Peace is not the goal, it is the way.” Each one of us has a role in embracing peace as a way of life, and in so doing bringing us one step close to world peace. Thank you for reading!

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