Day 3 – 第3回

Today was the big day – our student presentation!! I felt exceptionally nervous about giving a speech in front of so many experts and observers, but I was so glad that we could present our thoughts on the future of disarmament on such a distinguished stage.

As you know, it is very difficult to promote and implement the goals of disarmament. However, today’s presentation by students from many different states represents the type of cross-border cooperation that politicians will need to embrace in order to achieve the goals of disarmament. I have hope for this and believe that decision-makers can take a lesson from the student presentation today.

My favorite phrase in the presentation was: “If I have friends all over the world, when the friend’s country begins a war, I would think how to avoid a war. Having contact with people around the world will change the conscious of each and every person and change the world.” In fact, through making foreign friends, I’ve developed an interest in the countries from which they are from. I also get worried about negative events that occur in countries I’ve visited.

It may be too simplistic, but I believe that mutual understanding brings us closer to peace. I hope that our feelings reached many people! Thank you.

Your student blogger,









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