Day 1 – 第1回

Today, I was fortunate enough to sit in on Session 3: “Small Arms and Light Weapon Control”. According to a UN report on small arms and light weapons by government experts, there are three types of small arms, including those “small arms” which can be transported by an individual, “light weapons” which are often vehicle mounted and mobile, and high explosives. These weapons form the broad category of weaponry entitled Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) and are possessed, both legally and illegally, in massive quantities by militant groups, non-government actors and human rights abusers. I was shocked to hear that these weapons account for over half a million civilian deaths every year.

In fact, small arms are called “de facto mass-destruction weapons”. Small arms not only intensify conflicts, but also disturb humanitarian relief operations and foster the recurrence of disputes. I heard that in order to solve this problem, we need a very elaborate solution. I feel a robust Arms Trade Treaty would constitute a step in the right direction.

Like nearly all non-proliferation and disarmament issues, stemming the illegal flow of SALW is extremely difficult. SALW ultimately represent an impediment to one day attaining world peace. I feel exceptionally honored to have the opportunity to actively participate in seeking a solution to a global issue as important as peace and disarmament through this Conference.

Honorary Conference Blogger and Student,
Honma Yoshiki







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