Vincent – ヴィンセント

Thank you everyone for visiting this blog. I am Vincent, a Malaysian who has been studying in Japan for the past 5 years. I had very little knowledge of the issue of “disarmament” prior to being offered the chance to take part in the Conference on Disarmament Issues. For this, I feel very lucky as this is my last year as a student and taking part in the “Special Session: World Student Peace Meeting” on the final day of the Conference represents an incredible opportunity.

Malaysia is a multiracial country in which the people enjoy the right to freedom of religion. Having grown up in such a lovely and peaceful country, and having had the chance to serve in the Malaysian National Service, I’ve come to appreciate the merits of military service, even in a peaceful country like Malaysia. After much debate and discussion with my fellow classmates, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of disarmament issues as well. Hearing the opinion of specialists from around the world at the Conference on Disarmament Issues will undoubtedly be a mind blowing experience from which I expect to learn much.

I will be blogging here on the 2nd day of the Conference. Stay tuned!





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