Aye – エイ

Hallo all! My name is Aye and I am a Myanmarian student studying in Japan. I’d like to talk briefly about my thoughts on disarmament prior to getting caught up in all of the Conference activity. A political system such as the one found in my homeland of Myanmar leads one to ask “Exactly what is the military for?” Most people think of the military as the force that protects the country and goes to war. But, in Myanmar half of all public officials are members of the armed forces. It has been this way since I was child. For this reason, I feel that the military plays a very important and necessary role in Myanmar distinct from other countries.
When I first heard about “disarmament”, I didn’t wholly understand its meaning. After much debate with my classmates, I began to understand the importance of disarmament, especially in a global context. I’ve since taken a personal interest in the issue of disarmament and have learned much on the topic. I am truly looking forward to hearing the opinions of the distinguished participants at the 24th annual UN Conference on Disarmament Issues.

Your student blogger,






2 thoughts on “Aye – エイ

  1. Thank you, Aye! This is Sharon Riggle, the Director of UNRCPD and co-sponsor of the Conference. We are very pleased you and your colleagues will join us as this year’s programme looks very interesting. Disarmament is important for a peaceful future and young people like you are the ones who are going to make it happen. We are excited about all the young people coming to the conference–and very happy three of you will start a blog on the issue! Keep watching here for more developments!

    • Thank you,Sharon Riggle! I am so glad to receive your comment. It is first time to have the opportunity to take part in an UN event and we are very proud of it. And then, we learn a lot from this event. We will try our best!

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